Six original cocktail glasses GINSTR (5+1 action)

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Order six glasses, only five pay!

Brand new and exclusive: The GINSTR cocktail glass!

This cocktail bowl has long been seen only in the best bars in the world - now our original GINSTR cocktail glasses are finally available for your home bar.

With this cocktail glass, the aroma of the gin develops perfectly, the glasses have been matched to bar classics such as Martini, Gimlet or Clover Club.

Of course, all drinks taste perfect from this glass... and even as a champagne bowl it is a real eye-catcher.

The cocktail glasses are out coated glass and carry a transparent GINSTR logo in the foot through which you can see through.

Of course - Made In Germany!

Size: 240 ml
Origin: Germany
Material: Coated glass
Washer-suitable: yes
Mass and weight:

Height: 17.3 cm,Diameter: 11.7 cm, weight: approx. 220 grammes

Scope of supply: Six original cocktail glasses GINSTR, without contents and without decoration