Gindian Ocean

Today a more sophisticated Cocktail recipe - at least, what the selection of ingredients is concerned.

An original creation of our GINSTR Team: the Gindian Ocean!

Gindian Ocean

You need:

50ml GINSTR - Stuttgart Dry Gin
30ml fresh lime juice
20ml lemon grass syrup
10ml sugar cane syrup
10ml Kewra floral water

Kewrawasser (Pandanus) is available in most Asian supermarkets and Indian Stores right next to the rose water and there is a convenient on the Internet. Lemon grass syrup, e.g., by Monin ("Lemongrass").

All the ingredients with ice cubes in a Shaker, shake vigorously, until it fogs up on the outside. Without ice in a glass, with a slice of lime for garnish and enjoy!


The original GINSTR cocktail glass here!